Richie Hardcore / Kickboxing + pornography

A friend just forwarded me this article about kickboxer Richie Hardcore, a beautiful human being: “Research is constantly showing how porn changes and shapes your sexual tastes. Richie said that when you look at something for a long, long time and live in a culture where everyone else consumes the same content, it’s difficult to find your authentic desires. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if people of all ages could figure out what they genuinely like doing with their bodies with someone that they trust? They don’t get that opportunity because there’s an increasingly violent script with deep throating and gagging. Have you ever choked on a piece of corn?’”


Matilda / When I grow up

I’m taking Bethesda to see Matilda next week, having promised in 2015 that we would see it again as we’d both spent the entire performance in a state of enthrallment. The children were extraordinary, but I fell in love with Miss Trunchbull. Of course I nearly started sobbing at this song – Bethesda was furiously passing me tissues (“WHY must you be so embarrassing?”).