Abusive fathers

We need to look at the parents of paedophiles, child abusers, pathological liars, emotionally violent fathers: therein, the source of the intergenerational cruelty. The family may appear normal, but the reality is filthy. Sick and dangerous, these family cultures literally destroy children to preserve family secrets, and they are found at all levels of society #vermin

“So why are some narcissists sadistic and others not? In my clinical experience, I have found that sadistic narcissists were more seriously neglected or emotionally abused in childhood than other narcissists. Many narcissists are difficult to get along with, have a grandiose sense of self, and won’t take accountability for their actions, but they don’t have a driving need to punish others. I have found that the sadistic narcissist has lower self-esteem than the non-sadistic narcissist, even though neither truly has high self-esteem. The most important point to understand is that the drive to punish or upset others on a regular basis typically stems from an individual having been on the receiving end of confusing, mind-twisting behavior from a parent early in life.”
Seth Meyers

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