The sociopathic mother

“Sociopaths also tend to be deceitful. ‘If your mother is prone to lying about things big and small, she may have traits of antisocial personality disorder, particularly if she lies for personal gain,’ says Odessky.”
– from 9 Signs Your Mom Might be a Sociopath

“Sadly, the inability to feel empathy, a benchmark characteristic of psychopathy, is especially destructive to an emotionally developing child. Any hint of weakness or pain from the child is criticized or invalidated unless it can be used to the mother’s benefit; consider the response of a psychopathic mother, who had married a known sex offender even though, at the time, she had a five-year-old child. When the child finally told her mother that her stepfather had raped her, her only response was, ‘Why didn’t you tell me at the divorce settlement so we could have gotten more money out of him?’”
– from The Psychopathic Mother

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