Signs that you’re dealing with a sociopath


by Adelyn Birch


- Self-centeredness
- Indifference to the suffering of others
- Sexism and womanizing
- Believes they’re always right
- Judgmental
- Refusal to acknowledge that you have justification to be upset about something they did
- Expects you to accommodate his schedule, without regard for yours
- Neglecting or ignoring you if you’re sick
- Doesn’t comfort you when you need it
- Arrogance
- Lies to get what they want
- Justifies their lies
- When they apologize, they don’t act like they mean it. You do not see genuine remorse, understanding about why what they did hurt you, or purposeful, deliberate efforts on their part to repair the damage they may have done
- Inability to imagine how their words and actions may affect you
- Cheats, and then blames it on you
- Needs space (more than a day or two) and doesn’t care that it hurts you
- Isn’t interested in finding ways to soothe your worries
- Ogles or flirts with others in front of you, and then accuses you of being smothering
- Becomes angry when you cry or get emotional
- Makes you feel out of control emotionally
- There is drama and intensity, and when you look beneath it you find a lack of genuine emotional intimacy
- Tells you you’re too needy or too emotional
- Doesn’t ask you how your day was or how your doctor’s appointment went
- Forgets your birthday or other important occasions
- Looks down on people for what he sees as their bad decisions, without taking into account how their life circumstances may differ from his
- Expects instant forgiveness
- Censors and restricts your emotions
- Invalidates your thoughts, feelings, ideas and concerns

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