50 Shades of Sociopathy


By Anonymous

You cannot fix a sociopath. They do not have a conscience. They cannot grow a conscience. They’re not secretly insecure and tragic. They understand human nature and how to control it. They actively manipulate your own perception so that it becomes a point of pride/vanity to be “the one” who fixes them.

These things may feel good at first, even addictive. And that’s the point. Psychopaths know how to manufacture intense desperation and desire … But these toxic shortcuts to “love” are not actually love to the abuser. They are ways to ensure power over others.

Qualities that can be found in any genuine, healthy sort of love:

- Respect
- Honesty
- Empathy
- Openness
- Trust

Find someone who can feel the same things as you, not someone who uses those qualities to exploit you.

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