Written in the Scars: fear of intimacy and sex addiction

“Sexual acting out is often used by people who feel shame around having any emotional needs … Because [sexual] acting out to regulate unwanted feelings has become a ‘default setting’, recovering addicts will experience stress when they are expected to be intimate, open and honest.” – *John Beveridge

Fearful avoidance of sex and compulsive sexual acting out are two sides of the same coin: attachment disorder. The only solution is intimacy, however gradual, so choose love.

*John is an attachment based Psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in North and Central London in private practice. Trained at the Bowlby Centre London and in Supervision at SAP (Society of analytical psychology) John has also trained at The Institute for Group Analysis (IGA) He has studied PIT Trauma Reduction and Sex Addiction at the Meadows Arizona, trained in sex addiction with Paula Hall and with Thaddeus Birchard. He teaches therapists in training at and runs groups for sexually compulsive men at The Marylebone Centre. John enjoys spreading understanding about Sex addiction through writing and public speaking. He can be contacted via telephone (+44 (0)7979 862 765) and via email john50beveridge@gmail.com

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