Skin bleaching

I know people who mocked Indian call centre workers by suggesting that they bleach their skin. They were “in tears” laughing at this hilarious joke – so much so that they actually recorded it on Twitter. This was in addition to mocking Indian men to their faces with Peter Sellers Indian accents and then giving them the finger. I cannot begin to imagine the humiliation and self-loathing the call centre workers and other men experienced as a result of this hateful behaviour.

One of the people involved is a public relations consultant in London who prides herself on her egalitarian politics.

In the early 1960s, Australian men spat at my beautiful, delicate Italian grandmother when they heard her accent. As English is my second language, my early schooling was marred by racism; I stopped eating and developed near-unmanageable asthma. Subjected to years of racist taunts, the Eastern European father of a friend, a man who had endured unimaginable horrors in his war-ravaged homeland, cracked and shot his wife. The Danish father of another friend also took the racism to which he was regularly subjected out on his wife and children, punching them in the face. The children of these and other victims of racism pay the price with depression, suicide, self-loathing. The incidence of psychosis is significantly higher in people subjected to racism.

If you find this kind of thing funny, get the fuck off this site.

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