My new baby

I was reeling from a severe head-cold – the usual upper respiratory catastrophe involving a disturbing depression in my forehead (infected sinus), antibiotics, and so on – when a heavy parcel arrived. I plonked it on the dining table and, having loudly blown my nose, opened it and squeaked. A lot. And then I blew my nose again. The book is so beautiful.

Thick, smooth, sustainable paper (Martin, thank you).

A rapturous design (Anders, I love you).

A long, long foreword by Michel Odent (merci, cher Michel).

Luxuriously long interviews with Gabor Mate, Laura Markham, Steve Biddulph, Lysa Parker, Tom Hodgkinson, the late, great Sheila Kitzinger and many others.

My essays on a lot of things – love, sex, marriage, loss, motherhood, fatherhood, culture.

Bethesda’s first byline.

And updated with a fat new introductory essay and a fat new afterword.

So here it is, from me to you: Mama – Love, Motherhood and Revolution.

Orders taken here.





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