Assault rifles, David Lynch and your child

I have never been a fan of David Lynch’s films, but his foundation is beautiful.

Stress is one of the biggest problems our children face; I address this at some length in Mama. From the book: “The other day, Bethesda and I caught the school bus together. Thirty or so primary school-aged children boarded. After a minute, their behaviour degenerated to a terrifying degree – they were literally screaming at the back, pouring water on each other, shouting, shrieking, jabbering. The driver had to stop to calm them. I mean, the degree of agitation was terrifying. Not [because of] bad parenting, [but] extremely stressed parenting.”

Before school each morning, Bethesda and I meditate on our mats for five minutes. She then chooses a single pose from her children’s yoga cards. I read the text, we practise the position together, and we begin school. This is not a straightforward procedure; Bethesda is intellectually high-octane, and not given to stillness. The first weeks were a little fraught. She resisted the enforced stillness, but has come to enjoy its effects. I’m hoping that with time, she will begin not only to explore this level of awareness, but to revel in it.

David Lynch is right; the difference meditation makes to children is significant, and the practice should be introduced to all schools. It helps mothers and fathers, too.

2 thoughts on “Assault rifles, David Lynch and your child

  1. Josephine

    David Lynch is doing such good work. My family are just about to start TM in Sydney and really looking forward to seeing the results with our nine year old girl. I’d love to see TM spread to all schools. Goldie Hawn also has her foundation with MINDUP which is another wonderful strategy for children. Love hearing about how you begin your lessons with Bethseda. At my daughter’s school they did have a mantra they taught the children and a simple meditation which did make a difference to the energy of the classroom. Love to you.

    1. admin Post author

      What is the mantra they teach your beautiful Daisy? I don’t know whether Bethesda is a natural yogi at this juncture – her little friend Sarah takes to meditation with much more alacrity – but it’s a beautiful spiritual discipline. In terms of schools: it clearly makes the world of difference. How did family TM go? Love to you.


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