The Deuce / pornography

“… the anonymity of social media and the internet has allowed for a belligerence and a misogyny that maybe had no other outlet. It’s astonishing how universal it is whether you’re 14 or 70, if you’re a woman and you have an opinion, what is directed at you right now. I can’t help but think that a half century of legalised objectification hasn’t had an effect.”

The Javanese wedding bed

Thanks to the infinitely kind and very lovely Mr Wright, the magical antique Javanese wedding bed has now been put together. Given its size and weight, I am thinking of selling it. This breaks my heart, but practical considerations must triumph when a child is involved. In the event you – or anyone you know – may be interested in this magnificent and unforgettably beautiful piece, please contact me on

All reasonable offers considered.

Antonella x