To push, propel or otherwise cause to move by force

I wouldn’t say I “drove” Mr Richard to sue for libel; there was in me no urge to be sued, and nor had I any interest in conflict (unlike, say, my late father). The review in question – which, implausibly enough, continues to be discussed – was noteworthy only for the fact that it was greenlighted by editors. I knew nothing of libel at the time; I was, if I recall, eighteen or so years of age, with no journalistic training, but my editors should have known better. The way I described Mr Richard was, in part, funny – he later graciously acknowledged it as such – but the review was dislocated and I was importunate in my intensity. I simply documented my fever with no consideration of the repercussions; this was what I then understood as my brief. No provocation was involved. My father’s war with WCP, on the other hand, was a different matter.

- excerpt from NSW Supreme Court judge Hon. R. I. Barrett’s 2015 address to the Law Council.

all nearness pauses,while a star can grow

all distance breathes a final dream of bells;
perfectly outlined against afterglow
are all amazing and the peaceful hills

(not where not here but neither’s blue most both)

and history immeasurably is
wealthier by a single sweet day’s death:
as not imagined secrecies comprise

goldenly huge whole the upfloating moon.

Times a strange fellow;
more he gives than takes
(and he takes all)nor any marvel finds
quite disappearance but some keener makes
—love! if a world ends

more than all worlds begin to(see?)begin

by e e cummings